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What is First Crypto Club
Who want to increase their knowledge in the world of cryptocurrencies, improve their quality of life and find their surroundings.

Chats, events, platform, community managers, methodology, project analysis, selection and evaluation of residents
Educational materials on the topic of cryptocurrencies, expert presentations, meetings at conferences, travelling,
sports, yoga and meditation.
Exchange of experience
The FCC are people
We unite modern, bright and ethical people
Traders, developers,
NFT-artists, crypto enthusiasts
Passionate about the world of DeFi and cryptocurrencies
Everyone who sees prospects in blockchain technology
The FCC is the infrastructure
On the topic of cryptocurrencies, hobbies and sports
Thematic chats
Thirty-two lessons on cryptocurrencies written in simple language. Easy to learn, easy to implement
Knowledge base
At the start, each participant is tested and only after that joins the community
Introductory testing
Community managers
Who will always help and answer any question
Joint trips
Support from the community
FCC is an exchange of experience
Every week we invite experts from the world of cryptocurrencies to speak. Among them:
Web3 Management Consultant
Mentor 300+ Founders
Christoph Richter
CEO Andrey Voronkov Ventures
Co-Founder Tilata

Experience: 9+ years
Andrey Voronkov
CEO & Founder
TOP-5 Crypto Market Makers
Alexey Andyunin
Co-founder and CBDO of Mycelium Lab,, Phyera

Experience: 7+ years
Alexey Sipakov
The goal of the club
Unite 50,000 people worldwide within the framework of one idea:
"Cryptocurrency and decentralization as the basis of the future society."
Our partners
$100 per month, in exchange for a cool community, knowledge and experience of crypto experts
— Access to the community
— Access to the knowledge base and lessons
— Participation in online meetings with invited experts
— Access to closed airdrops, bounty
— Access to the analytics department
— Access to all essential cryptocurrency chats
— Access to thematic chats: GameFi, travel, goals, meditation
Regular cost
Special offer
$ 100 / month
$ 50 / month
In case you don't like something
14-day money-back
You ask,
we answer
The world has changed, and cryptocurrencies are beginning to penetrate our lives: Telegram has launched its cryptocurrency, and McDonald's in Europe already accepts Bitcoin and crypto dollars as payment.

Global sanctions and restrictions only accelerate the growth of this market and the number of interested parties.

Now, today is the time when it's time to start studying this topic. After all, very soon, it will no longer be a desire but a necessity.

The best training is to learn from the experience of professionals, to be in constant, close contact with them, and to ask the right questions and get answers.

The choice is yours.
Close this site, and you will close the door to a better future.
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